Emily Dere





I'll try to chart my way through the course as best I can and share with you all how it's been going along the way!

  • Right!  So here's the initial quick sketch below. Minus the dodgy tape lines of course! I have no idea why I chose snails. I just wanted to get going and spirals came out of my hand quickly. They should also make for something nice and colorful in the end. No slugs allowed!

  • Phase two:  Abusing the spatter brush in Illustrator!  Here's the color rendition ready to be popped into a repeat :

  • Phase three: ok, seem to have gotten ahead of myself, and need to fix the tile that may have scanned in sliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiightly askew and is throwin the whole thing off. Will get back when I've fixed it!...SOLVED!

  • Phase Four: Colorways

Phase Five: Living Room example, colors toned down a bit to suit better.

Phase Six: So I tried it with the fashion templates included, but wanted to stretch my photoshopping skills a bit, so I borrowed an image from a fashion designer friend's site (Kelsang Dongsar, for inquiring minds) and popped in the pattern.  I don't think it's quiiiiite lifelike, but I don't think it's too far off either for a first attempt!

....And that's me so far!


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