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Snail Mail


Paper, pens, stamps, envelopes. A delightful realization, a letter is waiting for you. 

When I moved to the west coast my grandfather unexpectedly started sending me letters. Every time I received one I dropped everything and wrote him back. Being a sucker for stationary didn't hurt, however this routine we created, it allowed me to meet my grandfather in a way I never had before. He was very romantic about the past, something we had in common. I long for my pen-pal, the ritual of putting everything on hold, slowing down, thinking of what to say, answering questions, putting pen to paper and writing a letter.



Searching for a motif is like having an itch. I have to keep sratching until I find it. It's not nessarily pretty, scribbles everywhere, notes, references, there's no order to it what so ever BUT when it starts to come together is like...ahhhh, relief! 


Here's a cross section of what I've done so far. With no luck, I tried to find Inkpad and Scribl. Though, I did find an app called Graphic($12). While it was fun to play with, I panicked, worried about running out of time (not wanting to miss today's deadline) I went back to what I know best, Image Trace. With the caveat, I will play with Graphics again. I'm intrigued that I can get a more hand drawn line with that process.

I'm still working on Airmail diagonals and lined paper stripes. Weirdly my Hero print hasn't been the first to appear. I suspect it may become a bit of everything together, stamps, pens, paper... Yup, I might even throw in the kitchen sink, is that cheating?

Figuring out the motifs and the layers, it was interesting to work just with muted colours. I liked it! I've never done that before. I LOVE colour, it's the first thing I think about. I snuck a little in, I couldn't help myself.


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