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Snackers bring you hidden and local snack all the world. It is like birchbox for snacks you don't even know it exist.

Our business model is subscription box. Every month we send you our currated unique snack to satisfy your appetite. The target market is a young adult (20s or so), foodie, curious, and like new experiences. The people with this psychographics is not very obvious from the outside.

I think I will try with the excplicit invites by giving them one free snack in their next delivery for every invitation email they sent to their friend. Buying a lot of local snacks is not very exspensive, so I think the benefit will exceed the cost.

The there is the second tactic. Every delivery we will sent one shareble snack (the one with many pieces within, something like bag of popcorn), this type of snack is more fun to eat with other people by watching TV, palying game, or when just hang out togeher, We will encourge or customer to share it. Hopefully this tactic will generate word of mouth among them.


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