Smugly - student project

Loved the course. :) Here's a little project I made to practice my skills.

Smugly - image 1 - student project

Below is my process for developing the logo and character. I designed the logo shape using motion blur tool. On one hand it kind of looks like a smudge (which is similar to the word "smug") and on the other it's reminiscent of the way children often take photos - with shaky hands, making it look blurry. The S shape in the logo stands for the first letter of the app's name. Smugly - image 2 - student project

Here are a few mock-ups for the illustrations and app interface. I thought it would be fun to add a "prompt" option, in case the user needs inspiration for a funny expression. It's kind of like reverse-engineering a meme: creating an image for a caption, instead of a caption for an image.

Smugly - image 3 - student project

And here are the final images made in Procreate:

Smugly - image 4 - student projectSmugly - image 5 - student projectSmugly - image 6 - student project

Something I wish I had done differently is perhaps use thinner and more organic lines. The mock-ups appear to be very expressive, which sadly got lost the final drawings. I'd like to revisit this project at one point, maybe once I complete the course in expressive illustration.

Thank you!