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Jacqueline Moliner

Graphic Designer and Illustrator



Smudged Charcoal Brush Pack

UPDATE: I offically have my own brush pack shop!

I started working on photoshop brushes and created a smudged charcoal set. I started by

making chrcoal smudged traditionally and then bringing them into photoshop and combining brushes

and messing around with the brush presets. I'm happy with the final results.

This is my first time creating an illustrator brush pack so, I am very excited about this! I experimented for some time now, creating a bunch of sketches on paper using japanese marker brushes. Some of the markers are dry brushes which, give off this very nice dry effect. 

Once I cherry picked which ones would be suitible for my first collection, I scanned the images and brought them into photoshop for refinement. Once that was done, I brought them into illustrator and live traced the illustrations into vectors as shown below: 

And there is the final product! I would like to sell these online, but i'm not sure where to begin. If anyone could leave me some suggestions on where I can open my shop, I'd greatly appreciate it! 

I really enjoyed this project, and can't wait to work on my next set! 


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