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Smoothie Monster: Fun & Healthy Smoothies Your Little Monsters Will Love!

Are you ready to share Delicious and Nutritious Smoothies with YOUR Little Monster?

Wouldn't it be great if your children ate more fruits and vegetables? What if they even asked for MORE!

Join me in the kitchen as I demonstrate the many health benefits of Green (and Purple and Blue) Smoothies and how they can boost your child's nutritional intake. Together we'll make and sample bright, colorful and healthy fruit and vegetable based Smoothies that you can make with your Lil' Monsters that they will LOVE!

During this course I will:

  • Discuss how you can easily use the Blender that you already own - yes, the one you got for a wedding present that's down in the cabinet. No need for a new expensive $399 Blender to start!
  • Discuss and demonstrate Blender Safety Rules that everyone who wants to keep 10 fingers should follow.
  • Discuss Fresh versus Frozen and Organic and Non-Organic ingredients and hwen you should choose one over the other. I will also discuss and demonstrate effective ways to clean your fruits and vegetables to safely remove contaminants.
  • Discuss ways to approach smoothies with your kids, how to get them interested, involved and asking for more. regardless of whether your Little Monsters are into Zombies, Dinosaurs, Monsters, Princesses or Pirates.
  • The remaining sections will include ingredients lists and demonstrations of a variety of colorful and healthy smoothies and how to name and serve them in ways that will have these Li'l Monsters asking for MORE!

Coach Kevin Trumpfeller

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