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Young adults who loves a good romance, a bit of cliche but also looking for that something special in the plot. 


 "You are the capitals to my heart

  You are my start and my end

  You're all that I have

  My guardian Angel" 


Betrayals can leave a nasty scar on your heart. Especially when it's done by the ones who are supposed to love you the most. It tears down your walls and poisons your soul. But Lynn Nguyen is a strong woman. And if there's one thing that betrayals has taught her, it is to become stronger.

A superstar and playboy extraordinaire, on the verge of losing himself, caught in a whirlwind of fame and stardom. Lukas Walker sets out to find peace from that delusional world, but instead, he found the other piece to his heart.

Two completely different people; Two completely different worlds . . . One fated meeting.



The birth of the ice-princess

The pain was just too great to handle. It felt like her heart was being ripped into millions of pieces. The walls were closing in, suffocating her...She couldn't breathe as she stared at the horrific scene...

Then, after what seemed like an eternity, her conscience finally kicked in as she turned and ran out the door as fast as her legs could carry.

As she raced into the empty streets, she could see a big storm brewing as the clouds above rolled in, covering the twinkling stars above like it covered her weak heart. It was then, that she finally felt the tears rolled down in torrents.

Don't look back...don't look back. Don't let him catch you...

Footsteps echoed loudly on the pavement behind her.

A hand reached...

She shrunk back.

"Get away from me you cheating bastard!" She yelled.

A sob wracked through her body. She nearly gave in to the need of collapsing from shock and exhaustion.

"Wait! Baby, I can explain!" His eyes wild as he pleaded looking at her with an almost regretful look...Almost.

But she knew that look, it was the one she'd been on the receiving ends for too many times. It was all fake, all of it. Oh! This man here was good at lying, the best at it. He should have been an actor instead of a lawyer.

She started to take in deep breaths as she desperately tried to calm her racing, aching heart.

All of a sudden, she swiveled around to face him. It was then that she had nothing to say, nothing to feel, as she looked into those deep green eyes of the handsome man in front of her.

In a second she realized she no longer felt hurt but in its place was a raging fire.

Slowly, predatorily, she walked up to him, "You motherfucking prick! Don't 'baby' me. Don't you dare touch me!" She poked angrily in his direction.

The rain was now pouring down with a vengeance, blending in with her tears. She angrily wiped at it. People on the sidewalks were running for cover from the storm, leaving only the couple still standing there, glaring at each other.

I will not cry for the bastard! He doesn't deserve it!

"How could you?" She asked earnestly, trying to understand why he would do it. "I mean with her?! Of all people you could have chosen you chose her?"

"It's not like that I swear! It was a mistake babe. I've always ever wanted only you. Please forgive me." His eyes bore into hers.

If she lived to a hundred years old, she'll never forget that look of shame and regret.

"Oh no you don't get to third chances, 'baby!'" She spat out sarcastically.

She knew it, has always known that there was something suspicious about the way he'd been acting lately. But she was too blinded by her stupid heart, led astray by the idea of finding 'true love'.

They were right, she was an ugly duckling that would never fit in.

No! Never again will she let herself become so ignorant of the obvious. This time she will guard her heart with her life. That's right...Never again...She lifted her eyes slowly and stared blankly at him.

All she felt now was a world of numbness... She had no more tears to cry. Her heart felt cold and icy.

She took look at the man she'd once been so desperately in love with. The man who'd broken her fragile heart.

"Goodbye Zac," she whispered as she took him in one last time.

This is the past that will be left behind and ahead is her future, the one she would build for herself.

Nobody would ever be able to prevent her from achieving her dreams again. Nobody will ever break down her barriers...



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