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Smoky Paprika Sauerkraut Fried Potatoes

As I am highly insensitive to gluten, can't do much dairy, and try to eat mostly vegetarian (I'm a pain to feed, for sure), I am somewhat limited in what I can do with my batch of sauerkraut...but I found a recipe on a site called Messy Vegetarian Cook (dotcom) that has what looks to be an amazing recipe on it.

I JUST now finished putting the ingredients together according to your instructions. It took a few days to find a crock, get a plate to fit and go to the veggie store to get the cabbage etc, but finally it is sitting next to me as I type, doing it's thing. As you say, I have now to just be patient!

I would like to learn more about fermenting other vegetables. We have a garden growing and are trying to not buy processed or packaged foods, so learning to preserve in new (old) ways would be great.

We recently watched a Netflix series called "Cooked" with Michael Pollan, and in it he suggest that gluten intolerant people like me might be able to tolerate sourdough bread made the old fashioned way, with only flour, water and salt, using the process of fermentation. I am intrigued!

Thank you again for the class...I am looking forward to seeing how this turns out in 2-3-4 weeks.



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