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SmokeShop Musical Instruments & Sound Machines

My girlfriend (who is my muse and the savior of my heart) stunned me in the Christmas of 2011 by presenting me with a Cigar Box Ukelele that she handmade from start to finish. We are talking designed from the ground up.  Hand carving the neck with a spokeshave, laying in each fret and fret marker, hand sanding everything.

I was speechless. Truly, truly speechless.

She had never done anything like this before and it was so beautiful. Talk about creative  inspiration. She has already started (and almost finished) a guitar for me as well. 

I want to take her idea and create a business called SmokeShop Musical Instruments & Sound Machines and bring that same level of love and care to the branding, labels, hangtags and other ephemera that will adorn future intruments made from both cigar boxes but other vintage recycled containers. 

All the woods, metals, screws, bolts repurposed hinges and other materials that go into making one of these is just crying for some handmade love. 

Update 5/22/2013 Playing around with some texture and environment

Update 5/18/2013. Refining my favorites.

Here are some concepts in a sketching stage. Going to refine and refine and refine from here...

Cigar Box Uke

Cigar Box Guitar

A shot of one of my hand lettering peices...

EXTREMELY EXCITED to get to work on this!


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