Smoke it out

Smoke it out - student project

Smoke it out - image 1 - student projectHi I am Kristi Jo or rather I am the girl who sits behind the computer and looks for new ways to knowledge and help others in the journey of being an aspiring MUA.

I always am trying to improve my smoked out look and with this look i feel that i actually made some progress. I always say if you havent experienced a smokey eye you dont know what you are missing.

I used the lovely goldilux to enhance the inner eye. I love using golds and silvers as an inner eye highlight especially when there is a little glitter involved. The darker > shaped effect is always my favorite so i always place brown in the outer third of the eye lid so i have a color to blend the black or darker color of your choice with! I used a used a black jumbo pencil to make my > shape in the outer corner of the eyelid and outer crease. I blended this color in and it wasnt giving me enough "smoke" so i added some black shadow to help enhance that > shape. I also blended this black underneath my eye so it looked well blended all the way around my eye. I used a gold jumbo pencil for the middle of my lower lash line and i swept the goldilux to the inner corner of the lower lash line then blend baby blend! Blend until these color dont have such a harsh line from where color starts and stops.

My brows never want to cooperate with me so i just used a eyebrow pencil and a spoily to enhance my natural brows.

This look was so fun and i loved the new techniques that i learned today in this class! I cant wait to share with others what i learned today!