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Kathryn Smith

KCMO/25. Design + Lettering.



Smith Family Crest

I decided to do a family crest based on my husband and I. I'm an artist and designer from Colorado, so I wanted to incorporate some tools (pencil, knife, paintbrush) and the Denver cityscape with the Rockies in the background. My husband was born and raised in KCMO (Kansas City, MO) and is a wonderuflly talented musician/singer/songwriter, so I incorporated a guitar and music notes for him. We got married in 2012 and now reside in KCMO. While there was tons of more things that I wasnted to include that would symbolize us and who our family is, I wanted to keep it simple and include the important things: who we are, what we do, and where we are from. 

I forgot to take screenshots along the way to document my process. I'll try to attach some photos of sketches later on. Thanks for taking a look! 



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