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Hi everyone, my name is Daniel Veintimilla(you can call me Dan if you want) and my project is a magazine of smiles. What I plan on doing is putting photos of people smiling in this magazine. I just think smiling is very important and helpful. And It's a magazine that will make me smile and remember to smile, and hopefully help other people smile too :)

So far I have found photos on 500px and will look on flickr and possibly Instagram too since those are all integrated with Flipboard.

Update June 6, 2013

I have really enjoyed making this smiles magazine. So far I have looked through thousands of photos of people smiling and have picked the smiles that really stand out to me and seem the most natural. I plan on searching for photos from photographers on Tumblr and Pinterest too.  I like to post 2 new photos each day but I won't be posting more than 3 new photos each day. But I will definitely post at least one new photo a day, even on weekends.

This last page shows some other magazines I had created before this class. Here is some background on why I created those.

Deals Today is the first magazine I created because I like to look at the daily deals from a few popular stores. I edit them in Paint and post the pics and links of the deals. I refresh the magazine every day deleting the previous days deals so the magazine stays short and doesn't get confusing on what day the deal is.

I made Etsy Funny because of the awesome product integration with Flipboard and I knew that there were funny/cool products on Etsy.

The WorkOut 10 magazines are full of 10 minute or less workout videos from YouTube. I made these to help myself and others work out on a more consistent basis. I really like how the videos are organized in Flipboard. Just yesterday I made a new magazine for WorkOut 10 called Office WorkOut 10 that has helpful movements for when people are at the office. This class got me thinking more, and I realized that was another great and helpful category.

And some more information about me is I am 21 years old, I live in Naples, Florida, and I graduated from the University of Miami a year early in May 2012 with a BSBA degree in Finance and a minor in Accounting.

Update June 8, 2013

I was thinking more about my project, and I have decided that I am going to make this magazine around 50 pages long which will probably come out to around 150 photos. I realized I didn't want the magazine to get too big, so I decided if I ever want to do another magazine of smiles I can always make another magazine.

My deadline for the magazine to be complete is July 28, 2013 which is 2 months from the start day of this class. I will keep updating the magazine daily until then and will make sure to update the class when the magazine is complete.

I also added a description to the magazine today.

Update June 20, 2013

I have decided to make this magazine never-ending.

I realized I can always create more magazines in the future and flip the smiles from this magazine into them in order to have smaller magazines of smiles to quickly browse through.


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