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Smile :)

Hi! So for this postcard project, I chose the word Smile. I liked its meaning and suitability for a postcard design, and felt that the length of the word was simple and convenient to work with.

I started out by doing quick (and pretty crude!) thumbnail sketches of various design concepts. I tried to do sketches that were quite distinct form each other, hence experimented with different type styles. The word Smile can be interpreted so many different ways, but overall it has a positive and happy vibe so I tried to reflect that in the type styles I chose, which overall are bouncy, bold, and happy.


I was naturally drawn toward a script style, because I've been quite obsessed with vintage monoline scripts lately. But in the end I went with the retro circus-style font (third down from right) as it's a style I haven't really tried out before and I wanted to do something new and challenge myself.

I translated my thumbnail into a larger sketch. Unlike Martina, I didn't do the shading technique as I found it wasn't really working for me. Instead I did something quite similar to Jessica Hische's sketching process, which is covered in her Skillshare class, and suits my working style alot better.

The reason I didn't fill in my letters but left them as outlines is because my plan was to leave my letters as outlined shapes, and so this helped me better visualise the end result.


Before moving to vector, I used tracing paper to add some rough details, which I didn't scan as it was just for general idea purposes. I also ploted some extrema and handle bar points which was a very helpful exercise, and I highly recommend for anyone having trouble with plotting their vector points.


After vectorising my letters, I did two different rounds of print outs in the editing stage. It was quite a challenge to get the spacing right, especially because of the E next to the L, which created alot of negative space. I tried to balance this out by widening the stem of the L ever so slightly, while lengthing the top left serif of the E ever so slightly.

This was my first attempt at adding texture and color:


After about half and hour I wasn't feeling very inspired by the WIP. That's when I spotted a water bottle with a super lovely design of mint green, red, and white, and decided that was just what my design needed.

For texture, I imported my vector shapes into Photoshop. I added pinstripes to the bg. I added a slight ripple effect to all the letters and details, to give it a rougher, more handmade feel. Finally, I overlayed two layers of texture onto the design: one was using a stamp brush, the other with the Add Noise Panel in Photoshop.


Done! Like Martina, I feel that I will look at this design in a couple of days and spot all kinds of changes I'd like to make, but I also felt that I ought to just finish the project and move on to another, which will in the long run help me to improve much better rather than spending ages on a single project.

And if you made it this far, thanks so much for viewing!! Any comments will be greatly appreciated, I know I could improve alot! :) 



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