Smile Share (Untitled)

Amazing things happen daily and it's time to let the world know when they happen.

It feels GOOD to share your HAPPY moments with people.

When you've had something special happen to you during a day, the act of telling someone else lets you relive the joy of the moment.   The telling of the story of your blissful moments also shares your positivity with the person listening.

I want to craft a site where you'd go to share the moments in your day that made you SMILE.

The site would have a Twitter like interface with the same sort of character limits on updates, but also allow people a way to vote up the updates.  It would be a place where you could share your joy's from a day and also see how often and far spread moments of joy are.  A site of inspiration and positivity, where other people's joy will rub off on you.

The highest voted moments are featured under a special section by day on the main page and past highest voted moments can be viewed in a ranked section.  Also each user of the site will have a profile page that features their moments and keeps a record of their voting ranking.

I'm still working on coming up with a name that I can get a site for and Twitter handles and such.  It's a new idea that I just recently came up with, but think it should be buildable with the tools from this course.

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Comments, Opinions & Ideas for the Name - WELCOMED & MUCH APPRECIATED!


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