Smile Park

Smile Park - student project

Living life and spreading smiles. The purpose of this project is to spread smiles and positive vibes across the instagram user base by posting content on our regular activities that make us happy and that we feel that other people can also relate to or find interesting. Our focus will be majorly on travelling pictures as travel is what makes us most happy but the content of the page would not be limited to that. It would also contain pictures of culture,  festivals, people, art or handicraft, videos of people doing different and interesting stuff like forms of pottery, forms of dance, forms of anything for that matter which is interesting and different and we want the world to know. We are a very naive instagram users and really not experienced in taking page to a great level and that is why I am here taking this course. We have faced a very big problem with our existing page with the same name and I was looking for someone we can approach to ask what is happening. I ultimately had to delete my account and now will start it afresh with the help of your guidelines.

Here are my 5 photos, clicked by me. 

Smile Park - image 1 - student projectSmile Park - image 2 - student projectSmile Park - image 3 - student projectSmile Park - image 4 - student projectSmile Park - image 5 - student project



Looking forward to your insight and assistance.



Shruti Singh

Smile Park