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Katie Wheeler

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Smelly Typography

I'm a student at a design school in Seattle, WA. Typography is my "thing to work on this summer". Right now there's a serious trend of flourishy typography being used to depict twee, smarmy quotes about "living your life the way you want it," and "dance like nobody is blah blah blah." 

I absolutely can't stand this. I don't want our generation of designers to be known for flowery typography that depicts such a selfish, self involved idealogy. I can definately be guilty of being enamoured of calligraphy and fun, skinny fonts that I found online. But I want to flex my design muscles and do something a little (or a lot in this case) messy and out of my comfort zone. Maybe make something I don't particularly like. That would be a good thing as far as I'm concerned.

Anyway! I experienced with paint pens, charcoal, sumi ink, white out ink, and pencils! i also hand lettered on the computer using my left hand (not my dominant). 

Oh and sriracha. That was super smelly. But very pretty and red! 

Drew a very very realistic bone on my leg. Medical textbook stuff here. 

Bubble wrap!

And finally some onions to continue the smelly theme. I painted the text with the "wrong" end of a paintbrush then dripped white out onto the india ink. 

Probably a little too clean because it's on photoshop, but i will figure out a way to "messy" it up. Maybe when I get some white paint i will do it for realz.


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