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Hello, I am a sculptor from Lawrence Kansas. I got my art degree back in 2011 and have been doing window displays and other projects in the area. To further my education I am taking online classes in 3d modeling with the goal of designing toys. I want to develop a toy or mascot for my art business. I work under the psuedonym Smash-o-Tron so I have been trying to come up with something along the lines of a Hammer weilding atom smashing Robot.  He needs to look big and huggable while still being imposing. I am thinking part Iron Giant part sumo Wrestler.  I have been collecting characters with interesting body types as well as peices of retro/nostalgic scifi to combine into my design later.

Updated: I organized my mood board into categories and edited my image selection.   Sketches coming soon.


Body/Characters types

Hammer (types and poses)

some quick sketches I did to feel out some poses. I added "ears" to make it seem more cute or approchable.  I am currently torn between square teeth or the sawtooth underbite. amy thoughts?

Update: I did a zbrush model of Smash-o-Tron's head.  I plan on printing the finished model and then taking a mold of the print to cast my figures from.  I have had to take draft lines and undercuts into consideration but I think a Silicone mold will work on what I have so far.  I still plan on doing a control drawing but I wanted to get some ideas in 3D first.

Update: Got most of the body modeled! (still needs hands)

Update: Stop! HAMMER TIME! (sent this guy off the get printed last week.)


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