Smartphone and Tablet Accessories for sport/lifestlye

Smartphone and Tablet Accessories for sport/lifestlye - student project

I am in the process of creating a brand that will be develop premium accessores for people on and off the field. I have the desire to create a reputable brand which will be recognised for premium materials and unprecedented quallity.

At this moment I have reached a stage where my consultant is designing the concepts and wiithin 35 days i hope to have the designs CAD ready. The challenge is ofcourse to source reliable manufactueres who can meet the standard i have set. 

The logistics and freight and MOQs is also a challenge to determine. I am still thinking about the mold costs, protoype costs and other additonal costs which will come up. 

The question is how to determine all this.

Hope i can get all the help i need in this course

I am now soourcing manufacturers, using global sources and alibaba, but i think to find a reliable supplier you have to go and visit the factory, hoping to go to a trade show in April

I have found a hero mnaufactuere who produces for very big brands and has all the neccessary ISO certificates and seems very proficient. I hope to meet them in April