Smartphone Driver

It is most annoying and frustrating, sitting in your car moving at a snail pace all because of traffic. It feels as though everyday more and more people are buying cars and the congestion increases. Whether it's in the morning when you are heading out to work, or in the evening when you are heading back home, that is part of life, it has been accepted.

What we have accepted as well is that times have changed, technology is always advancing. You might be reading this from your laptop, tablet or smartphone. You have information right on your fingertips, at anytime and anywhere.

So why can't we use this to our advantage?

We can receive absolutely any information on our smartphones. So, just like the weather, why can't we receive traffic information on our smartphones, right before we get into our cars, especially for those repeated trips? By linking the GPS systems to our smartphones, we could come up with a system that not only tells you where the less congested areas are but instead also gives you a choice as to what time you leave your house/work etc by calculating the best times to be on the road.  


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