Smallest waterlily

Smallest waterlily - student project

Smallest waterlily - image 1 - student projectSmallest waterlily - image 2 - student project
My original art was done in water colour paint and pencils and a small amount of white and yellow gouache and I wasn’t sure if it would scan in too well but it worked really great and I was able to enhance each of the motifs and the colours following the lessons. That was the really great part. I was doing this work for a Spoonflower challenge on Comeback species anyway and was inspired by the story of how this smallest waterlily in the world was saved from extinction and I used the cover photo of the project to take reference from. I have only learned to make patterns in Ai before in this last year and always wanted to use Photoshop to digital all my art. This course gave me so much confidence to use my own handmade art more. I thought the painted elements were a bit tiny to use as a large piece of wall art so I only made them in to a pattern. I did not get around to using the foil and glitter effects or the water colour effect paper as I wanted this design ultimately for fabric. However, I know I will use those elements for other designs and also do the work to add my signature to everything now. thanks Cat I learned so much!