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Small steps every day (a watercolor alphabet)


It was so hard to choose just one! I love all fonts, whether they are serif, sans serif, calligraphy or even dingbats. I thought about choosing a whimsical brush script font for my watercolor alphabet, but that would make it more difficult to move individual letters around. Eventually I settled on a font called AT Sackers Gothic Medium. It reminds me a little of the classic Chanel logo (which I absolutely adore).



I used the graphite on the back of paper method to transfer my font to my watercolor paper. I still can't believe how easy it was! I'll definitely use this method for future watercolor projects, at least until I can get a nice light box. For my color palette I took inspiration from this lovely painting of a cherry which I found on Pinterest:


I forgot to take a picture after I finished transferring my letters, but luckily I snapped a picture of my work in progress. You can see the E is still wet because the paint is darker than the other letters. I love the sort of 'galaxy vibe' it has going on. The deep red and blue with hints of pure black make for really intense letters.



Fast forward a couple of hours and we have a fully finished alphabet, scanned and ready to go!


Some letters turned out darker than others, but I feel like that sort of has its charm.


All hail Illustrator's image tracing tool! In all seriousness, Illustrator makes it so easy to vectorize any artwork. For watercolor it works suprisingly well, save for the jagged edges. Rather than showing you the fully vectorized alphabet (which looks very similar to the previous image), I'll highlight just a few letters:



I came across this quote on Instagram a while back and saved it for a rainy day. Nothing comes easy in life, we all know that. Good things often require hard work, but luckily we don't have to do it all at once. Just doing one thing a day to work towards your goal can be enough to make it happen!


I love using mockups to make my designs come alive. You can use sites like Zazzle, Society6 or Red Bubble to create mockup products, or find downloadable Photoshop files you can use to overlay your designs. I created this fun mug and a pocket journal with my quote.




Thank you Amarylis for teaching this fun Skillshare class! I'm definitely going to create more watercolor alphabets (if I do, I'll share them here!). I also can't wait to see what everyone else is making! 


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