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Small is Beautiful

Well the key takeaway for me is quite obvious.

I always knew that size mattered (I have even created a class about this very topic), but I don't think I realised just how important a factor it had now become with the newest version of the trending algorithm!

I made the decision not to split the class, despite knowing that it ran to over 40 minutes, I even discuss this in the class on the section about how important it is that your classes are bite-sized (oh the irony).

Do I regret not splitting the class? 

No. I would have been cheating my existing students. And instructor integrity is still more important than a class trending at the top of Skillshare for a few days.

However, will this make me re-think how I go about outlining my Skillshare classes in the future?

Most definitely, YES !!!

And I would advise all my fellow instructors to do the same.



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