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Small city, Calgary.

Hello! I'm from The city Calgary up in Canada. I would love to hear some feedback from you guys and if you want to check out some of my other photos my ig is @grntashtn



With this shot a wanted to portray the building call the Calgary tower because it wouldn't be my city without it. Along this train station I noticed this girl so it was a perfect opportunity for me to capture it. I love this photo because I didn't think the train would be in it. As I was looking through the viewfinder it was open but was fast enough to enter he frame as a took the photo.


i love this photo just because of the symmetry. i feel lt has just enough cloud detail to make it believable as a look up. One of my favourite spots in the city for sure.


this as taken at the only subway station in my city. I took this sitting down with my camera on my lap because I it was the right level I wanted. It is a bit shaky as you can tell but my only empty shot.


i love this shot because the lights and tress offer a story. The lights rotate from aqua to purple, orange then white. I wanted to compose this shot on orange and creating a sword effect where I used the leaves from the trees as the trail.

Thanks trashhand for being an inspiration to all us photographers and can't wait for to see more of your work!



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