Small business inspired by my 3 daughters

Small business inspired by my 3 daughters - student project

I started my craft business 2 years ago, selling the things that I had previously been creating for just my family and friends but just opened up my Etsy shop 2 months ago. I specialize in hand lettered plus handmade felt flowered decor. My three daughters, who all have Marie as part of their middle name, are my inspiration and name of our company. They help in every aspect of our business from cutting felt, to packaging to running our table at craft fairs. I've strived to create a brand for our little business around all things pretty and our love for a flowery vintage feel. We struggle to make ends meet, so my goal is stand out among others who only do handlettering or only do felt flowers and create a business that can provide financially for my family. Thank you for your information in this class.Small business inspired by my 3 daughters - image 1 - student project