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Small Town Heaven

I live in Weston, Missouri, which is a small town, not a big city so I had some challenges with the project. However, I love the idea of capturing my town (that I love dearly) in photos.  Main street is the focus of most of my photos.


The buildings are old, all different sizes and colors, and I think, welcoming.


Benches up and down the street welcome visitors to slow down and enjoy the breeze or a chat.


You can buy almost anything at Sebus Brothers Hardware Store and then stop in to the Weston Cafe to have breakfast or lunch with the locals.


The night shot was particularly challenging for me...need to review the lessons on night photography. However, here is a shot of Main Street at night.


Finally, while the next two locations are not on Main Street, they are important to our locals.  The school is at the heart of our community.  Our businesses support our kids and teachers, and our students volunteer and help our businesses and community in general.  Sharps is our local grocery store, and it is located at the major entrance to our town.




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