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Small Space Solutions

As a recent university graduate living overseas, I am currently renting a room instead of having an entire home to myself. For this reason, I have only 3 main areas to focus on for this project: my bed, console and book shelf.

just finished unpacking today, and I am so excited to start this project and breathe more life into my living space.

But before I show you the before pictures of my room, here is my contribution to the first assignment of this course: the 8 principles of styling.

I found this image of a stunning kitchen and dining area as I was flipping through a magazine. Here are the ways through which I think this space exhibits the 8 principles of styling:

1. Needs: kitchen countertops to work on, a stove for cooking, ample storage space for kitchen equipment and cutlery, as well as a dining area.

2. Shape & Size: There is a great mix of hard edges (kitchen counters, island stove, window) and organic form (wood) in this interior space. More softness was added with the curvature of the dining chairs, and the varied shapes of the overhanging lamps provides an industrial finish.

3. Colour: The natural wood grain works great as a contrast to the dark wood/grey/white interiors. The warmth of the brown dining table also provides a focal point in what would otherwise be a monochromatic space. It really helps to bring the space together beautifully.

4. Pattern: The patterns in this interior are very subtle. Heavily reliant on the wooden dining table top as a focal point in terms of colour, texture and pattern, this space uses subtler wood grains for the walls (planks) and kitchen cabinets. The flecked pattern on the marble island adds interest while not taking anything away from the main focal point.

5. Texture: As previously mentioned, the wooden table is the textural star of the kitchen. This large organic piece is balanced out with the smooth finishes of the rest of the furniture. 

6. Placement: The overhanging lamps were spaced to complement the unique shape of each lamp and to break up the symmetry of the dining chairs and candle holders.

7. Bling: The overhanging lamps and brass candle holders add interest to the space. 

8. Botanicals: To maximise the cooking and dining areas, botanicals were kept to a minimum. A small vase of flowers is seen by the stove, and a small potted plant has been placed by the knives holder. The big vertical window allows for some greenery from the garden to show through, however, and this adds warmth and life to the space.


BEFORE (These were taken with my iPhone.)

Organisation is #1 priority for me, as I find that efficient storage is the only way to deal with the inordinate amount of things I own and fit them into one room! Admittedly, all the organisation work has left me with little time to think about decoratives. I'm really looking forward to adding more texture and botanicals to the space.


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