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Erin McMahon

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Small Deep New Albany


Cover image is something I just put up as a placeholder - it's from the Ohio River Greenway Park in New Albany, looking at the Sherman-Minton bridge to Louisville. Shot on my iPhone 4S, posted to Instagram (hence the quality, as I cannot find the original yet...). 

I'm hoping to convey about my city - little New Albany, Indiana - that though it may be a small town, its offerings as a city are deep. Something like that... 

I am going out scouting today for locations - hopefully will have more for you to see soon!


Location scouting gave me some ideas, but I wasn't able to get much of anything I liked at the time. I did take find a parking garage with an interesting window at the top, below, but I'm not sure I feel that it fits the idea of a cityscape. I feel like I may have to focus on some interiors, and this makes me wonder if I'm just looking for the wrong things for exteriors. 

Also, cars. How do you all deal with cars in shots? In the way? I felt like I was shooting cars the whole time I was walking around. :/ Am I just seeing more of them because there isn't any place very high up? 

*Note: I'm clearly not up to the skill of the rest of the class. Please be kind with feedback!


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