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Small Biz Tech Immersions


Many small businesses struggle to transition from old marketing to new marketing. Churches and non-profits find it difficult to afford the best talent or understand the right skills to hire. So rather than hire a technical marketing genius that can help catapult them to a new level of marketing success, they dabble.

Dabbling looks different to different organizations, but it is just as deadly. We have seen churches hire designers and push them to become the marketers as well. This led those churchs to unhappy staff and still little marketing success. I have watched non-profit organizers throw $10-$15 dollars at boosting a post on Facebook...

and call it a "failure" when it didn't yield the results they wanted, even though they did very little, if any, research, copywriting, or measurement in the effort.

Small businesses are expanding, churches are growing, and non-profits are booming. Why can't it be yours? It can with a little guidance and some help from the experts. Today you don't have to hire an entire staff or spend millions for a TV ad to get the recognition and reach you desire for your organization. Geekgirl Marketing specializes in helping organizations just like yours achieve success and reap the rewards of digital marketing while leverageing the staff they currently have. Immersions allow our firm to merge with your team. When we do this you can have a research team in your back pocket, a marketing staff at your disposal, and finally begin to see the results you have only been promised but have not yet experienced.


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