MaryAnne Hoekstra

Owner, H.S. Chocolate Co.



Small Biz Saturday

Hi all-

I really want to take advantage of Small Biz Saturday (SBS) this year.  I was not nearly as aware of its potential last fall when I was a new small biz owner!

I plan on offering my customers the choice of either a "Best Of Gift Box" or a gift certificate for $32.  The gift box is valued at $32 and it would be "free" for all registered AmEx users with the additional bonus of free shipping.  On the advice of Pam, I am going to try and set up a Formstack form on my website where people can pre-order.

To publicize this, I plan on sending out an e-newsletter in early November, as well as alerting my followers on facebook and twitter.

If anyone has any additional suggestions, I am open to them and thanks!


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