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Kim Still

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Small Batch Patterns

A little bit about my approach to this project: My name is Kim Still and I am a self-taught graphic designer. Currently, my main focus is designing digital scrapbooking goods under the brand Two More Days ( As I've designed, I've become more and more interested in the surface design aspect of digital scrapbooking. I want to both make stronger papers for my kits and to strengthen my pattern design skills for other applications in the future.

Currently, I am working on a collection with the working name of "Small Batch." Think coffee shops, handcrafted beer, artisan breads, and so on. A lot of the textures I'm thinking of are metal, rough woods, and kraft paper.

I already had collected a bunch of images on a Pinterest board. I started to move them into the template, but honestly I would just burn a bunch of daylight making a really nice looking moodboard, so I decided to just stick with my Pinterest Board.

Here it is:


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