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Slurping Wine

What do you think is the most disturbing thing about the image below?

Why am I sharing this image? It all looks pretty bleak and boring. However, the story of this bottle of wine is not boring or bleak. It has an amazing story. Let me begin.

I work at Griffith University, at the Gold Coast campus in Australia. My job is a Blended Learning Advisor which basically means I work with academics to introduce technology into their classrooms online or face to face in a pedagocial contextually appropriate format.

This bottle of wine was given to me by an academic after I reviewed his video recordings. A lovely gesture. The story of this bottle of wine does not begin and end there. This academic purchased this and a few dozen more clean skins from a well known South Australian winery in a year that one of their most expensive wines did not make the grade. 

Sitting on my desk is a bottle of wine that would normally retail for approximately eighty Australian dollars, which was boutght as a clean skin for approximately five dollars.


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