Slowly learning something new!

Slowly learning something new! - student project

7/25/19 I'm excited and overwhelmed to be learning After Effects!  The program is pretty complicated for me and I'd never have figured out anything if it weren't for this class.  

I'm working through the lessons very slowly. I really appreciate the words of wisdom in lesson 17 to pace yourself! I've been working in small increments and having to re-watch the lessons over and over...and over. 

I'm currently in the middle of lesson 19, learning how the keyframes work, animating the game.

I cannot even begin to describe my delight when my first taco tumbled across the screen!!!  

Slowly learning something new! - image 1 - student project

I'll post my final animation when I'm finished.  It may take a while!!  

7/31/19 I just finished lesson 21. My three tacos are flying across the screen into the chewing mouths of the characters! 

 8/8/19 I've made it through lesson 24!  I thought the bursts might get the better of me, but finally got them bursting good enough.  I couldn't make my "background" layer do anything  and was getting so frustrated. But, I took a 2 day break - and when I came back, I said, "Duh! The layer is locked!" (Which Jake had said to unlock, but I just couldn't absorb it at the time.) 

This is taking me a long time...and yet, I feel like it's making sense!  I feel like I'm getting a thorough understanding of the program. 

8/16/19 I finished the class! Ok, my project isn't perfect...I can see there are a couple of issues, but I feel like it's good enough. This awesome, thorough class taught me the basics of After Effects and I'm really pleased to have learned so much! I'm excited to move on and animate some of my own artwork! 


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