Slowly gettin' it together

Slowly gettin' it together - student project

I have a fairly consistent morning routine when I work on freelance where I wake up, do stretches and make breakfast before sitting down to work. But I struggle to stay focused despite trying to utilize productivity techniques. I think a main source of distraction especially in these quarantine times is not having a more private workspace. I live with 8 people and have no desk so my work area is the kitchen table/a common area for the household. So trying to minimize distractions to stay on track is a challenge.


I’ve heard of the intermittent breaks method of working every 25-30mins then breaking for 5mins but haven’t tried it yet since I feel like I’m constantly trying to start working so a break doesn’t make sense when I feel I haven’t made progress on something. Which also ends up pushing off taking a meal break so it turns in to a cycle of in personal distractions along with media/internet distractions. I know lots of bad habits.


I gotta say the todoist app is a huge help! I have tons of to do lists scattered in notebooks, note apps and emails. So it’s great to localize them to one area and see what needs to be done at a glance. My favorite tip is when you have a distracting thought pop up while working to log it in todoist and deal with it later. I usually have YouTube on in the background but I’m going to switch to audiobooks, podcasts or music so I can reduce visual distractions. I’ll also get a pair of noise canceling headphones so people can still interact in the common area but it’ll also serve as a “do not disturb” cue for my housemates.


Hoping using this new techniques and finally utilizing old ones I’ll be able to get more organized and focused on all my projects.

Teri A
Freelance Artist x Digital Production Assistant