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Slow Down & Chew

I have found myself devouring media lately (images, articles, books, tv shows) so I chose the phrase "slow down & chew" to remind myself to pause and give some thought to whatever I am seeing/reading/hearing in the moment.  Rather than devote only half of my attention to what's in front of me while using the other half to look for the next great thing, I want to be completely present so I can enjoy to the fullest whatever I am consuming.

Some words that came to mind when thinking about my phrase:
Relax / Picnic / Cows / Motherly / Gingham / Food / Place Setting / Floral / Enjoy / Absorb / Fine China / Fine Dining / Cuttlery

Some images I found for inspiration:

And preliminary sketches and thumbnails:

Here's my first inking, but I'm still not quite satisfied with my ampersand and "chew," and I can see a few spots that need a little more tweaking.

Ok, I've fixed some spacing issues, lined things up and made a few other changes.  I'm still not sure about my ampersand.  Is it too busy? I was going for a picnic basket feel.  Should I try something else or just use color to create make it stand out from the fork and knife?  I might also add a little more detail to the border to tie it in better with the bottom flourish.

Ok, more tweaking.  And still thinking about the ampersand...


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