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Slow And Steady Wins the Race . . . Right? Right!

Just like the title of my project, I have been tackling this slowly but steadily. I should have made updates over the past few months, but alas, I'm still breaking bad habits and getting organized! Therefore, let me begin . . .

Slow and Steady Wins The Race: Part One!

I'll try and analyze my process and the things I have done, though, since I do indeed liken myself to the slow and steady tortoise than the fast and brash hare.

In the past, I've jumped quickly and eagerly into attempts to organize my life, but I quickly got distracted or "lost the race". This is me trying to accomplish a sense of order and effectiveness over time. I am happy so far with the progress that I've made, so let me first explain some of my successes.

1.) I've started regularly using Todoist and Evernote, in addition to the reminders I used to give myself with Google Now/my phone. Todoist doesn't give you reminders without getting a premium account, and well, sorry, but I'm not in a position to pay for that sort of thing. My phone bill costs enough, and my phone comes with Google Now, which is fantastic for any sort of critical reminders. Otherwise, I am extremely happy with both Todoist and Evernote. They have helped me focus a lot.

2.) Jumping off that point, I have done a good job of collecting, defining, and sorting open loops. Everything that was actionable was placed in Todoist, and everything that had/has a specific deadline is marked in such a way. That being said, I have had plenty of instances where I push some tasks to the next day or even the next week, although I am proud to say that it is a minority occurrence. 

3.) My personal email server is clean and tidy because I only use it for official things, but my Gmail account was a huge mess. Admittedly, I am still whittling it down, but I went from something like 7000+ emails down to only about 600. I am still slowly but steadily sorting through the remainder to determine what needs to be archived and what can go

Anyhow, that's it for now... I've even been putting off this project for awhile, but I at least wanted to start it!

In general, I have thus far really enjoyed this course and I plan to keep updating with my progress. Even just having Evernote and Todoist have helped me a lot. 

I think the main thing that sticks out of me from this course is the idea that our brains aren't made for storing things, but instead for processing data and creating new stuff.

Once I heard that, it changed my thoughts... not that it's scientifically proven, but it is a very good way to see things. It's a good way to remember that we are not data storage devices, but rather processing units. We are not hard drives or thumb drives of DVD-RWs... we are CPUs. And so since I figured that out, I've done my best to put every open loop to paper and into Todoist.

Okay, it's late... cheers! More soon!


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