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Jennifer Hughes

Owner/Graphic Designer



Slovenian National Home of Indianapolis Web Site

 The Slovenian National Home of Indianapolis is the guinea pig / client I am working with for the update/re-design of their web site. Currently the site is nothing more than a wordpress blog.  I am donating my time working on this site/project. While working on this project I hope to develop a more interactive site with the following goals:

  • incorporate music
  • showcase the 90 yr. old history (the story of the SNH of Indy)
  • traditional foods of Slovenia
  • standard language greetings (Zivjo: hello) and other small touches
  • blog/content updates (wordpress content mgmt system)
  • event pages (ie the annual Slovenian Festival)
  • membership/shareholder forms
  • location/contact form
  • engages socialmedia (facebook/twitter)

The look and feel I want to evolve to is in the moodboard below:

Example sites that I am inspired by and like their functionality:

Indiana Artisan

Super Music



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