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Sloth and Party Forever Pins


There simply are not enough sloth pins out there, and since it's my favourite animal, we'll go with that!

Reference pins:

I thought these pins were pretty rad. Some of these incorporate an idiom, which is the direction I would like to go in for my project. The Rose McGowan 'Teen Dream' one is by far my fav of the bunch! #jawbreaker


Favourite Apple Metal Pin



I decided to work with a couple idioms/phrases that either complimented or juxtaposed the slowness of sloths.

The first one is "I like watching the grass grow" -  a sloth would be all over that!

The second one is "Life in the fast lane" - my idea for this was to have a sloth either on a rollercoaster or motorcycle but expressionless and mellow.

The third one was a quick sketch I did using "Team Naps"


This is a work in progress, but I like how it's coming along.. I'd like to work on the font at the top a bit more, not sure I love it. 

I have always found the pen tool challenging so this was good practice. Excited to work on the others. 



Party Forever Pin:

This is another idea I had in mind. I wanted to do something with the term 'Party Forever' and thought I would incorporate the infinity symbol into a snake.



I think a gold border and the text would look the best with this one!


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