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Amy Lamp

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Sloth + Pride

My mind map for the Vespa included scarf and sunglasses, as in that 50s-era scooting around Italy style. And my mind map for Sloth included snail. So I thought it would be quirky and unexpected to put the scarf and sunglasses on the snail, who's sitting lazily on an Italian cobblestone street. And her shell will have the metal finish of the Vespa inspiration image.

My Roman Holiday clip inspiration:

Roman Holiday clip

My initial sketch:

I'm looking forward to working with the large, simple shapes and the detailing on the scarf.

After rendering in Illustrator and filling in shapes, colors, and shadows:

My final rendering:

For my second illustration, I went with pride. My mind map led me to pair peacock with wheels and a helmet. So my proud peacock has feathers using a wheel pattern instead of their typical pattern, and the peacock's helmet has the typical peacock pattern on the side.

The beak area was really challenging and I'm not totally thrilled with it. But it was good practice with stroke styles and symbols for the repetition.


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