Sloth Character

Sloth Character - student project

For this project. I wanted to create a Sloth character, I began by researching images of sloths and doing a rough outline to get the feel of the Sloth's shape. Sloth Character - image 1 - student project



Once I felt comfortable with the shape I began planning my character looking at possible facial expressions and poses.Sloth Character - image 2 - student project



 I then went on to sketching my character. I decided I wanted to have him taking a nap in a tree initially he had fallen asleep holding a newspaper but swapped that out for a teddy bear in the finished artwork.Sloth Character - image 3 - student project



I brought the finished sketch into photoshop for rendering and this is what I came up with a very sleepy sloth! 

Sloth Character - image 4 - student project


Thank you for such a great class! I have always been interested in illustration however animals are one of the areas I really struggle with but after this class, I feel like I have a better understanding of how to approach a daunting task for me haha


Looking forward to hearing your thoughts :) 

Sloth Character - image 5 - student project