Slipping into Fall

Slipping into Fall - student project

The lead picture shows the deck a day before Jack Frost stopped by. I grow a few of my veggies right there for the picking. This is the view from inside. It will be a lot browner in the coming months. I like this “hero”style because it is a one shot picture. It may not describe my whole day but a consistent scene in my life.

Slipping into Fall - image 1 - student project
This was fun to throw together, and that is what I did. No great drawing here but it does chronicle my day. If I did this regularly I’d probably be a bit more thoughtful on it. The road would be fun if I had somewhere to go in this pandemic.

Slipping into Fall - image 2 - student project
The final part of the project is the collage. It took me over a week to tackle this. Finally I sat down with a magazine for inspiration. This time of the year I turn to inside home improvement so this was was an appropriate design. The poem here caught my eye and it took off quickly from there. I enjoyed this way more than I thought I would.

Thank you for the class and some solid ideas for creating an interesting journal!