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Slip the jesses, my love

Session 1 

Slip the jesses, my love

It's a quote from the song "hunter" by Heather Dale. It's been one of my favorite songs for a decade now, and that phrase always stood out to me. 

I always though of love, relationships and familiarity when I heard the song, and especially that part describes something that I want in a relationship. 

The full chorus:

"Slip the jesses, my love
This hunter you own from the hood to the glove
When the circling and striking are done, and I land
Let me come back to your hand, let me come back to your hand"

I interpret it to be about mutual trust and respect, and after I was in a long relationship that went sour, those qualities are something that has meant a lot to me since. The application I chose was book cover for a diary. 


I thought of an airy design with a lot of movement, and I also wanted to include falcon related imagery so I wrote down what I imagine from reading about falconery. I'm also very fond of opposites, and so I would really like to try to include some dangerous elements. Kind of like, a close relationship has a lot of softness and intimacy, but it comes with a risk, and at the end of the day everyone has needs and sharp edges? 

When Making my moodboards I realised I take very little inspiration from typography that I see, and that I'm a lot more interested in converting things I see and feel into typography. 

One of my moodboards.


Session 2

I learned that there are some styles I like and enjoy, and some that I mess up and end up spelling completely different things. 



I love the result of 1 and 5, and trying out representational and in a shape was fun, I disliked script because I got confused and now I just read all my attempts as "asses", which in not what I wanted, although funny.


My whole project got lost in moving. Starting fresh!


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