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Mark Joyce




SlideShare Based Poster as a SlideShare Conversation Invitation

This is the original SlideShare:

My poster process and thinking notes follow the photo of the poster.


I've had the idea of using a SlideShare as the focus of an interactive conversation for some time.

For this project I made a poster invitation template for such a conversational event.

  • Custom margins were set at 11" x 17". This gave me some breathing room in which to work.

  • The poster's top line identifies the target audience. It can be changed for different audiences.

  • The invitation/call to action, JOIN A SLIDESHARE CONVERSATION is a fixed poster element

  • The poster's image is the SlideShare title slide. When a person clicks through the SlideShare URL,
    they will see the same image. This supports consistency and a sense of familiarity.

    The image can be replaced with the title slide of any SlideShare to refocus the conversation. As needed, a more functional title slide could be created or adapted to serve that purpose.

  • The poster's somewhat flat palette was derived from the title slide using Tin Eye Labs - Color Extraction Tool

  • The Reflection > Connection > Projection Cycle is focused but generic enough to be used across content topics as a fixed element of the poster

  • MeetUp Conversations are face-to-face and would include a time and place.

    Online Conversations would be synchronous with an asynchonous archive file available.
    They would show time and include a second Call to Action, REGISTER NOW!

    If only one option were being offered, the other option would be deleted.

  • Placement of the 11" x 17" print poster on a vertical surface - This poster should be placed with the title slide image at an eye level of no less than 5 feet above the ground.

    This would place the alert to the specific audience and the JOIN call to action above the heads of most people milling by or gathered as a small notice browsing crowd.

  • NOTE: There were a couple of slight alignment jumps in downloading the poster as a png.
    There were no alignment jumps in downloading the poster as a pdf.

    I would make print posters from the pdf, after testing the readability of the print contrasts in color and in black & white. This testing is an often neglect step. Unreadable at-a-glance = useless.

This is the first time I've used this tool. The tool was functional, for the price, and supported the project.
The same thing could be done in PowerPoint, if available and more familiar. Collaboration would be limited.

Big takeaway from this course: Remember to tap the power of posters.

What's your overall impression of this poster and its idea?


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