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Slide Time

My Process

1.  I first sketched a picture of my son on a slide from a photo I had taken.

2.  I made a simple trace of the original sketch on a light board.

3.  I started inking for the first time, but I think it actually turned out more of a watercolor.

4.  I found that I did not do a great job with the back ground.

5.  I think the values are to similar in the foreground and the background.  I did not look at a reference for the background, and I think it makes a difference.

6.  I am also not sure there are 6 textures in this.

7.  I will try and do another picture without the water effects.  More true black and white, with more detail. 

8. Also the bars in the front should be more detailed rather than the bars in the back of the boy.

But it was really fun, I have never even painted before, I liked how the ink mixed with water to make different values, but I think I am pretty conservative in using big parts of black and white because I did not want to make mistakes.  I will have to try this again with a different style and see what I like.


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