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Slice of Pie!

October 8 update:

I entered the pie contest this morning with the Rust colorway along with other colorways and got so many comments about my Black and Gray colorway that I decided to change my entry. This is one of the reasons to get as many connections on Spoonflower as you can. You get some great feedback!

Oct. 7 update:

Well... I've finished my pie print called "Slice of Pie!". Illustrator kept crashing on me so I hope I can upload it. One thing I have realized on Spoonflower is that since the print is shown at the fat quarter size - it is better to make the print the largest you can for voting viewing and then also offer the same print in a smaller version.

Oct. 6 update:

I'm a little late on the next steps. My mother in law was in town for the week and I didn't get a chance to work on my print. I know the deadline is just days away so I hope I make it!

I'm thinking of doing a more geometric print based on the shape of pies and their textures plus I keep thinking of games like pinball and pachinko that use round balls that maybe could be "Pies". Just a thought. So here are some inspirations for my mood board:

The silver pachinko balls form a pattern so maybe that direction??? Hmmm...  Here are some sketch ideas for motifs:

September 26 update:

Oh My! It's Pie!!! It's been a while since I've been on here but Majo has thrown down the gauntlet with this Pie challenge. I've entered a lot of the Spoonflower contests but I've gotten away from the process of brainstorming on paper and doing more research for inspiration. Here is the first part of my brainstorming. Next up is finding images and inspiration.

June 30 update:

Yay! I finally figured it out with the repeat after hitting my head against the wall several times and crashing Illustrator three times. My new mantra is "Save every 5 minutes!" I just entered the Spoonflower contest and here is the link to my print "Googie Picnic" 

I'm so glad I got through this and I think I will entering the Horses contest next week just to keep it going.

June 28 update:

Okay, I finally got my half drop repeat tile to load into the swatches but when I tested it, it looked like this:

With a big space between the elements and some objects doubled (I just added a background color quick to show the problem). Not sure what I did wrong since I followed the video closely. HELP!


I'm a little late getting started (or a "little late to the picnic!") but I like to like to think about things before doing. Plus, I have to confess that I watched all of the videos first before getting started, just to see what I was getting myself into. I started putting my thoughts on picnics down on paper -

and the more I thought about picnics, the more I thought of childhood memories of picnics in the parks, the red check tablecloths, watermelon, sandwiches, fun with your family and friends. So, onto the next step of gathering images. The way I like to work is to build an inspiration board using a collage of images that inspire me.

It took a little time but I had some fun and I am excited to go to the next step of creating images and motifs for my print.

My biggest obstacle was how to approach the images for my print. Thanks to Majo's comment, I decided to go RETRO! I loved the 1950's Googi Architecture -

and the 1950's Bauhaus type prints -

So, I started sketching with this in mind . . . .

Combining picnic images - 1950's Modern style. Now onto building my print!

I'm so sorry that I haven't updated anything lately. One of my horses passed away yesterday and I can't believe how much it hurts.

Here are some ideas and colors I am kicking around.

Okay, I think I have my motifs down. Now to work on the repeat and colors (not there yet) and tweak the motifs.

Just received my Spoonflower Color Map and Cassie the cat has decided to help me pick colors!

Updated June 27:

Okay, I think I have my print laid out in a half drop repeat but I am having trouble dragging the motif into the swatch panel to test it. Also I have a shadow stripe background. Majo HELP!

Also, I would love any feedback (good or bad) about the print. Is it too busy?

Time to get away from the computer and take the dog for a walk. Ciao for today.


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