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Jose Sime

Graphic Artist creator of BIONIC CHIPMUNK



Sleeveless Cardigan with Invisible Pockets and hoodie .

Sleeveless Cardigan with invisible pockets, and detachable hoodie.

By Jose Sime



With the purpose of bringing an elegant and sophisticated design to the street couture world, I have developed a solution for those who like to wear cardigans, but still like to keep that casual urban look. I’m taking a totally different approach with these garments, as I’m not making a dress up cardigan, but rather something you can dress down with, and still look fashionable and decent.

The Sleeveless Cardigan will be produced in different types of Fabrics and styles, and this will determine where and when you want to wear this garment; for example if you’re hanging out with your friends at the club you can wear a piece made of 100% cotton, ribbed trim and light to medium weight. But if have a dinner party, and you want to dress up but keep it “streets”, you may want to wear a cardigan made of 97% cotton, 3% spandex, 100% nylon lining and Silk panel inside, or something of that sort.  

As every design I make, I try to be bring a new sense in the design aesthetics of my products. The Sleeveless Cardigan will come in different style and fabrics; these include:  a vest style, with invisible pockets and hoodie (with a long fitted Tank top style), and a more proper line with a buttoned down, sleeveless cardigan also with invisible pockets, and long fitted design.

This stylish design is projected to be used by Fashionistas with thirst for futuristic design, and a desire to keep evolving in style. The individual targeted in this project, is a more fashion and art orientated type.   A person between the ages of 20 to 36 will be the perfect figure to wear and represent this garments and the brand behind them.

The Sleeveless Cardigan will be produced with the best fabrics and technology in the market. The impeccable attention to details and design makes these garments unique, and make up for the price point I’m pursing. Considering design, materials and intricate labor, the mark up price would be between $45 to $100 USD.  This project will help to deliver fashionable and artistic garments to the street couture realm; revolutionizing the game, and most importantly, brining affordable apparel with good quality, and that looks good when people wear it.






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