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Gaëlle Lalonde

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Sleeping cats

I'm using this class to get the skills I need for Pattern Design 1 by Elizabeth Owen, so I'm not going to be illustrating a city but rather work on my motives.

Here are some sketches:



Here is my vector work (whou, I 'm learning a lot! I feel like Illustrator is A LOT less intuitive than Photoshop, but it's still fun!):


Here is my start with the line work, I had to clean up some mistakes that lead to doubled areas and what not, I can't stop being amazed how steep the learning curve with illustrator is in comparison to photoshop, but it's still very fun, and I can definitely see how useful and awesome this program is when you're used to it.

The colors are really just to define the spaces, they're absolutely not how i imagine the final ones!!!
I had so much clean up to do that I thought it'd be good to do that before color testing...


Next: better colors

Alright so I'm finished. I'm not super happy with my results, but i sure learned TONS! I feel like my initial image was not so good, given everything I now know about Illustrator. Anyways here it is:

my illustrator image:


And the final version in Photoshop:

I kind of went through the motions just to learn the techniques the teacher was showing, even though I wasn't satisfied with the image anymore.   So yes... Super good learning experience. I am going to start from square one for my pattern design.



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