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Sleeping cats

I'm very excited about doing this class.

I've been working with patterns in my illustrations a lot, or I have been making my own patterns on my knitting, but this will be the first time I actually make a pattern that could be used afterwards.

I like to work on a project with something or someone in mind, so I decided to make a pattern for my son, who is really into cats. Maybe I'll order some fabric from spoonflower and make it into a t-shirt or bedcover or something.


I'm starting this project over again. I had very little knowledge of illustrator when I started this class, so I went and did the class The Best of Both Worlds: Leveraging Photoshop and Illustrator In Your Work in addition to the class Elizabeth suggests. By the end, I was quite completely unsatisfied with my designs, so I am starting over. New moodboard, new sketches, new everything. You can look at my project page for that class if you want to see my first attempt.

I am also participating to the Two Weeks Challenge with this new design!

SO! New Moodboard:
(If you wish to know the name of the designers of the patterns on my moodboard, head over to my pinterest! It's a bit messy, but you can find them!)


Here are some sketches from my Mountain-of-sketch. I realized through my last try that while following Elizabeth's instructions, I have to stay loyal to my way of working. I always work a lot with pencils and paper, and have to think "everything" through, colors and all, although "everything" might change a lot still! in a way I develloped silkscreen printing. Also, because I want to do an interlocking pattern, I had to think about that more than just randomly draw cats on paper like I did last time.




... ANd TADAH!

I'm finished with my first ever attempt at pattern making, and first ever acceptable Illustrator drawing!
For all these firsts, I am quite happy with the result and will definitely order some yards on Spoonflower!
I am very inspired to keep going, and maybe I'll some other patterns that would fit into a collection with this one. If I do, I'll definitely post them here too!

This is my block:


And here is the repeat in two color palettes. I chose to do a half drop with my pattern



THANKS A LOT to the teacher! See you in your other classes (you were talking about a third one you would be offering in the AMA!) ;)!


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