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Sleeping Beauty Winter Castle

I decided on a recent picture I took of the lovely Sleeping Beauty Winter Castle for 2013 as the photo I would edit 10 different ways. (See project cover photo.) I think this was the most difficult part of the entire class for me.





Photo-effects w/ multiple apps:

I was lucky enough to win this class through an Instagram challenge. The challenge was to do the #1photo10ways challenge on Instagram, and honestly, it was pretty difficult for me. I didn't even get to 10 different edits. But this course made that a piece of cake. In fact, the difficult part was picking which edit to submit as part of my 10!

I have posted over 3,200 pictures on Instagram, and I just created a second account, so you might say I'm a big IG user... I've had a little experience with photo editing here and there on a couple different apps that I use regularly, but this was such a wonderful opportunity to learn about a bunch of apps I had no previous experience with. I think that's one of the scariest thing about looking through the app store -- there are so many photo editing apps that you never really know which ones are worth the time and effort and (sometimes) the money! I can walk away from this experience feeling confident about being able to use these apps to help create a new style of iphoneography for me to display via instagram, twitter, facebook and my wordpress blog. I think the biggest challenge is that I tend to favor certain looks and colors over others, and then all of my edits start to look the same. With the variety of apps I've learned through this, I know that I have a new bag of tricks and tools at my dispostal, and I look forward to further exploring what I've learned. Thanks for all the information and inspiration, Nicole!


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