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Sleep Earlier

here's just a quick, sloppy, small brush lettering I did for fun to illustrate this project.


Hey, everyone!

The habit I've been working on is a quite basic one, but I believe it to be the foundation of a better routine overall:

Sleeping earlier -> Waking up earlier -> Feeling more energized to tackle the tasks of the day

My personality quiz resulted in the following:

Type 1: Upholder - Extremely strong tendency

Type 2: Questioner - Strong tendency

Type 3: Rebel - No tendency

Type 4: Obliger - Small tendency

(No surprise there to me as I've always expected a lot of myself, and have always been a perfectionist -which is both a blessing and a curse, haha).

After taking Tiago's class on Productivity (which I highly recommend), I knew that my approach to this class had to be a step-by-step one, that is, watching lesson by lesson and taking notes regarding my new habit right after each of them. Otherwise I knew I'd just forget really important details when implementing it. And the details in this class are the key to building a strong and consistent habit -which is why I signed up for this class right when it launched, watched some lessons here and there, but ultimately used my vacation time this month to go through each of them, slowly and gradually filling in my Habit Loop 2.0 template. And I can only say it was the best decision I took to implement this habit. Here's now my template looks like today:

As you can see, my new habit relies on my existing habit of brushing my teeth/washing my face (trigger). And my reminder is set to start my trigger instead of the behavior in itself; which is great because my mind has the time to relax and process the fact that I'm getting ready to sleep.

After completing my habit template, I realized it was a very flexible one in terms of the time I need to be in bed, that is, if I have a routine shift and am able to sleep earlier (I currently have university classes at night, so 00:30 is the best I can manage for now), I could easily adapt the template only by changing the time of my reminder, the time I expect myself to be in bed, and the Small Wins.

I've only implemented it by two days so far, but I can already feel how I fall asleep easier that way, because this whole ritual before sleeping relaxes my body and mind. It gives me that sense of accomplishment right before sleeping and thus makes me look forward to the next day in a positive way, because I know that, by having accomplished that habit, I'm already starting the following day in the right way: by getting a good night of sleep.

We'll see how this 21-day challenge goes, and I'll keep you guys posted again when I get to the feedback phase.

Thanks for reading this far, and good luck with your new habit! :)


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