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Sleek Gallery Theme

For my tumblr theme I want to create a sleek, clean theme that will display images, videos, notes, among other things, in an organized manner. I would also like to divide each category, so it's easier to find. I find that a lot of times on Tumblr accounts, the posts are scattered and you have to scroll a lot to find things. Dividing each post into categories, and displaying them in a clean manner will not only make things easier to find, but more appealing to the eye. This will also allow for someone to get a better understand of the blogger. 

My inspiration comes from galleries. Having grown up in Chelsea, NYC I've been exposed to galleries from a young age. I love the openess, clean feel they have, and how each photograph/art piece in turn "shines" and stands out. For each post posted on this tumblr theme I would like to somehow do the same thing. 

My idea of having it organized comes from Pinterest. I absolutely love how everything is categorized based on your personal likes. Unlike Pineterest, the posts will be categorized based on the post type. But it will give the same idea of everything being placed into groups.

As you can already tell, I am a very organized/control freak person... and this will 100% reflect on my theme. i hope my vision comes to life the way I'm planning it.


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